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Welcome to Play at Joe's Retail Support Site!

We thank you for your purchase of our software. This page is for those people who have purchased our software in a retail box and are having trouble installing or running the software.

If you downloaded our game from a website please click here: Download Help

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General Help For All Products :


Q: Why is the CD required to be in the drive while I play ?

A: Thank you for your purchase. Similar to DVD Movies and Music CD’s Play at Joe’s employs disk based copy protection to protect our software from copying. Unfortunately there is no way to run the product without the CD-Rom in the drive. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Q: My product will not work on my computer. I get an error while installing.

A: Here are a couple of things to try :

1) Close all programs prior to installing. Make sure that no other programs are running when you try and install the game. It is always best to install products with no other programs running, sometimes virus checking software will interfere with an install of a program or create a false positive while you are installing the program.

2) Virus Scans

Make sure your computer is clear of virus' prior to installing any new product. Shut down as many programs as possible before installing your product. This should help in 95% of cases.

3) CD Rom compatibility issues : If you are not able to launch the installer and the cd is not being recognized by your system, please contact us directly at Please include your name, product purchased, version of operating system (Windows XP Home, Windows 2000, etc), date purchased and location of purchase (i.e. Walmart, Best Buy etc).


Q: Controlling mouse pointer is difficult or screen is cut off.

A: The problem you are experiencing is caused by the refresh rate of your monitor.

You can change your refresh rate on your monitor by going into your Control Panel and changing the Display Settings.  Then you’ll need to click on Settings then Advanced, then monitor and change Screen Refresh rate to the highest rate you can choose (typically 60 Hertz).


Q: My High Scores are not recording.

A: More then likely your scores are being recorded appropriately.

Sudoku Challenge stores scores in two ways.

The first is if the puzzle was solved with any errors or *Hints* being shown the player during game play.
The second is if the puzzle was solved without any errors or *Hints* being displayed to the player during game play.

Both are being recorded during play. to toggle between each you need to select the “ON” button beside Display Errors in the “Times” menu option.



After we shipped our first batch of disks we noticed that with some printers there was a problem printing the puzzles. We have fixed this problem and there is a downloadable update to your software available.

Here’s how you can update your software to get the latest version.

Close all programs before running the updater. If you have virus and/or firewall software, temporarily shut them off. Make sure you restart your virus and firewall software after running the updater.

Run the program “Update Sudoku Challenge Unlimited” which is located as follows

On Windows XP:

Start / All Programs / Play at Joe’s / The Sudoku Challenge Unlimited / Update The Sudoku Challenge Unlimited

Your version is 1.0, and this program will update it to version 1.1 and should fix your printing problems.

If this doesn't work, try uninstalling the sofware, reboot your system, re-install the software and follow these steps again before running the game.

For all other inquiries please contact us directly at

Please include your name, product purchased, version of operating system (Windows XP Home, Windows 2000, etc), date purchased and location of purchase (i.e. Walmart, Best Buy etc).




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